Media outlets in India are reporting that the Delhi Police have arrested as many as 20 people on suspicion of migration fraud. The arrests are reportedly based on complaints from the US Embassy in New Delhi that the individuals, who were seeking US student visas, lied in visa interviews with US Embassy officials and produced fake work experience and bank documents.

A story in The Hindu on 12 April 2022 also reports:

Agents and educational consultants who helped them obtain fake certificates and fudged documents were also picked up by the police. They are said to be put up in a city hotel as the police were trying to gather more information from the accused students, parents and the agents, most of whom run consulting business in Hyderabad.

AgentBee has obtained copies of seven official police documents which set out the alleged facts in detail. The complainant noted on each police document is an official from the US Embassy in New Delhi. The information provided by the US Embassy alleges that education agents from at least seven different education agencies were paid thousands of rupees to provide the aspiring students with fake documents to support their US student visa applications. Each police document includes the following statement from the US Embassy:

Accordingly, we request that you immediately register a First Information Report (FIR), take the aforesaid Accused Persons in custody, and initiate detailed investigation to unearth the exact extent of the magnitude of conspiracy and fraud committed by the said Accused Persons and others. The U.S. Embassy requests all support from the Delhi Police and the Government of India to conduct the investigation in a timely and efficient manner as such cases of attempts to procure visa based on false documents, false statements and with an intent to overstay in the United States are serious security matters affecting both the United States and India.

US Embassy in New Delhi – extract from statements provided to Delhi Police Department in April 2022.

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Sources: The Times of India, The Hindu