The education agent management solution for unis, colleges & schools

Get more students. Save time. Manage risk.

AgentBee gives you easy-to-use tools to help drive results.

Build strong agent relationships.

Quickly update agents with news and information in your branded, secure agent portal. Drag and drop your latest marketing and enrollment documents.

Your agents are notified automatically whenever you add an update or a document.

Easily manage student applications. 

Rise above email. Quickly add new applications, task the responsible agent, and move each application efficiently along the workflow from submission, to assessment, to approval/rejection, and agent evaluation.

You, your team, and your agents can log in to check on progress and complete assigned tasks to keep applications moving to completion.

Control risk. 

An under performing or dishonest agent can hurt students and seriously damage your brand.

Control risk by easily implementing best practice education agent management. Get dodgy agent alerts, and build agent evaluation by you and the student into every application process.

Invest in best practice.

Investing in best practice education agent management is smart. You'll get more enrollments and guard against the risk of rogue education agents.

Our simple pricing means you only pay for what you need, and makes it easy to plan your budget as your team and agent network grows. Stop at any time. No long contracts.

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  • Hey Agents - this version of AgentBee is for educational institutions. Click here for more info on AgentBee: Master Agent edition.