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Kudos [ˈkjuːdɒs] : Praise or recognition for an achievement 

Kudos is for education agents...


What is Kudos?

Kudos makes it easier for education agents and educational institutions to work together to support integrity and quality in international student recruitment.


How does Kudos work?

Education agents can upload references and awards from educational institutions to their Kudos account. Educational institutions can easily find your references and awards when looking for new agent partners or, if you already work together, when doing their regular reviews and due diligence.


Who can see my references and awards?

You uploaded references and awards can be seen by educational institutions that have an AgentBee account, and the institution who gave the reference or award. You can also invite new and current educational institution clients to view your Kudos account so they can see your references and awards.


How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing options below. Choose the package that matches the number of items - references or awards - that you want to upload to your Kudos account.


Options for education agents big and small...

Upload your references and awards received from educational institutions.
Each reference or award you upload counts as 1 item.
Select the package that matches the number of items you want to add to your Kudos account.


USD per month

Upload 5 items


USD per month

Upload 10 items


USD per month

Upload 25 items

Features of all plans

Upload references and awards from educational institutions.
Invite new and current clients to access and view your Kudos account.
Institutions receive a notification when you upload a new reference or award.
Your agency included in the directory of education agents using Kudos on the secure AgentBee agent due diligence platform.

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