In late January 2023, Kochi City Police announced that it will increase its inspections on education agencies, as well as recruitment and travel agencies.

The crack down was prompted by a violent attack on the employee of a travel agency in the city, who was stabbed by a disgruntled client. The offender had allegedly paid the agency to arrange a visa to Lithuania, but the process was unsuccessful and there was a dispute about the refund of fees by the agency.

Deputy Commissioner of the Kochi City Police, S Sasidharan, said:

Kochi City Police

Even before the incident, we have been collecting the details of such agencies and consulting firms at the police station levels and verifying their credentials. There is a large number of cheating cases involving such firms.

S Sasidharan, Deputy Commissional, Kochi City Police

Kochi (also known as Cochin) is the most populous city in southwest India’s coastal Kerala state. 

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Source: Times of India