The German Ambassador to India, Phillip Ackerman, has said that up to 15 per cent of the student visa applications made by Indian students include fake documents. The Ambassador also pointed to the role of agents in the widespread fraud, saying that some “are good at falsification.”

As a result of the fraudulent activity, German authorities are applying greater scrutiny to visa applications by Indian students. That in turn is extending processing times and the Ambassador said that some Indian students would not receive their visas on time due to processing delays.

Education Agent due diligence – implement best practice

AgentBee’s education agent due diligence solution supports educational institutions to implement best practice education agent due diligence processes.

Educational institutions can use it to:

  • do due diligence on education agents – check new agents before agreeing to work with them, and run regular checks on current agents.
  • protect your brand – detect cases of unauthorised agents using your institution’s name, logo or other IP without permission.

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Source: Schengen Visa News, Times Now