Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Vincenzo Raimo and Eddie West have opened the world of education agents for all to see – and what an important world it is!

Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Oxford and director of the ESRC/RE Centre for Global Higher Education

Education agents have long played an important role in the international education market. For many years agents have been a key international student recruitment channel for educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Now institutions in the other main destination markets – the US and Canada – are increasingly using agents to support international student recruitment.

A new, definitive book on student recruitment agents (aka education agents) is now available for purchase.Student Recruitment Agents in International Higher Education: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Challenges and Best Practices” explores who and what education agents are, what students and higher education institutions can expect from a good agent, and how bad agents can be identified and avoided.

The book was edited by three well known experts on education agents:

Student Recruitment agents

Dr. Pii-Tuulia Nikula is a Principal Academic at Te Pu-kenga – New Zealand Institute of Technology and Skills. Her research focuses on questions of education agent management and governance.

student recruitment agents

Vincenzo Raimo is an independent higher education consultant and Visiting Fellow at the University of Reading, UK, where he previously served as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement).

Student Recruitment Agents

Eddie West is Assistant Dean of International Strategy and Programs at San Diego State University, USA, where he provides leadership of international partnership development, collaborations, and overseas programs.

Offering theoretical perspectives with practical applications, this volume features contributions from academics and scholar-practitioners, laying out fresh perspectives and insights on topics such as process transparency, developing agent policy and procedures, and government regulations. The book provides an ideal reference for higher education institutions, student recruitment agents, government and accreditation agencies, researchers, and practitioners, and acts as a critical basis for further research and improvements in higher education practice.

Speaking on behalf of the editors Dr Pii-Tuulia Nikula said:

We believe that this book is a much needed contribution to the agent debate. It is wonderful to finally see a book fully dedicated to education agents and their stakeholders. This book helps different stakeholders to better understand the role of agents and the many complexities associated with this line of work. The chapters highlight the value of good agents, but also tackle the many problems that exist in this industry, such as limited transparency. The book delivers evidence-based analyses and practical recommendations for higher education institutions, agents, students/families governments and agent associations.

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