In a Linkedin post on 13 July 2022, Jenny Nieveen, the president and CEO of OHLA Schools in the US, announced the launch of “new AI University Admission Platform” UniApplyNow. She describes it as a “full digital platform focusing on university admission for Higher Education institutions in the United States for all degree levels (Bachelor-Master and Doctoral Degrees).”

Ms Nieveen said:

Our mission is not to process thousands of applications per year, but rather to convert large number of applications allowing both Universities and Agencies to see their work rewarded with actual international students sitting in classrooms.

The UniApplyNow home page presents the three main headings common to most education agent aggregator websites: students, recruiters, schools.


Ms Nieveen explained that, “agents who have worked with OHLA for over 24 years have already started using the technology and government entities in the Middle East have signed contracts with UniApplyNow.” UniApplyNow also seeks to recruit new agents through an online form, inviting them to join and extensive “network of Tier 1 US universities”, and explaining a six step process:

In future UniApplyNow plans to expand into Canada, England and Australia.

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