Scams Targeting International Students


Protect international students from scams.

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This course gives education agents information that they can use to advise students and their families on common scams.

Course Content

  • The global scam threat for international students.
  • Why international students are vulnerable to scams.
  • The five common types of scams targeting international students.
  • Recent ‘real world’ examples of each scam type in the main international student destination countries/markets.
  • How students can learn more about scams, and report scams.
  • The role of education agents in protecting international students from scams.
  • A short online assessment.

Bonus Content

The course includes a short information document on scams that agents can download, add their own logo to, and give to students and their families.

Successful Completion

Education agents who successfully complete this course will receive:

  • a personalised Certificate of Completion like the one below, PLUS
  • a course qualification badge to share on social media
Example Certificate of Completion
Example course badge