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Meet Ben Hughes, Managing Director, Pippa’s Guardians

Pippa's Guardians

Describe Pippa’s Guardians in a few sentences

Pippa’s Guardians is a family-run guardianship organisation which supports the welfare of international students at some of the very best boarding schools in the UK. Our network of highly experienced Area Managers provides exceptional levels of care. Parents are confident that their children are well cared for and can fulfil their potential. Furthermore, our hand-picked Host Families provide a warm, caring and safe ‘home away from home’ during term breaks.

Why service/benefits does Pippa’s Guardians offer international students?

  • An AEGIS accredited Gold Standard Service by experienced and knowledgeable staff.
  • A dedicated local Area Manager to be responsible for the student’s welfare and needs whilst in the UK and your personal point of contact.
  • Your student will receive 2 visits per term from their Area Manager to monitor and report on their academic and personal development.
  • Carefully chosen and vetted local host family accommodation to provide a safe home during school holidays and weekends.
  • 24/7 support and emergency assistance so students are always well looked after.
  • Transportation arrangements so the student can travel safely between the airport, school and host families.
  • Every new student and their family is personally met by Pippa’s Guardians to welcome them to the UK at the start of their school entry.
  • Personal visit and introduction to the student’s new host family for complete peace of mind.

What role do education agents play in your business strategy?

We have close relationships with a number of quality agents who refer genuine students for our guardianship service.

We continue to work closely with agents after the referral, ensuring excellent communication between Pippa’s as the guardian, the parents and the agents throughout the students’ educational journeys.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

We look for trusted and knowledgeable agents who have experience with the boarding schools we work with and are familiar with guardianship services and requirements.

How do you work with your education agent partners?

We work closely with our agents developing a partnership to offer the best possible service to the student and their parents.

We offer ongoing help and support and training when needed on the latest guardianship requirements.

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