Meet Marin Njavro, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Luxembourg School of Business.

Describe Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) in a few sentences.

Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) is the first Luxembourgish graduate business school. The School was created by a team of academics with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a successful track record of creating internationally accredited (AACSB) business schools.

LSB partners with the international business community and prepares highly talented business professionals to lead in a complex, global business world.

Our professors are academics and business leaders: some of them are executives from multinational organizations while others are affiliated with internationally ranked institutions such as M.I.T., University of Michigan, Cornell University, Duke University, ESADE Business School and more.  

LSB offers a part-time Master in Business Administration (Weekend MBA), a Full Time Master in Management, as well as short specialized programs for individuals and tailor-made programs for companies. (Executive Education).  LSB, the weekend eMBA and the Master in Management are all accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Why should international students consider studying at LSB?

We are deeply committed to offering students an innovative Master in Management Program created around two main themes: exceptionally high quality, and preparation for a meaningful career. Our program is designed for individuals with Bachelor’s degrees who want to pursue careers where strong business and relational skills will add value to their organizations.

Whether a student has a Bachelor’s degree in management, music, or mathematics, graduates from all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Learning with students from Europe and beyond, and establishing life-long friendships and professional networks will truly enrich the student’s educational experience.

The Master in Management program’s return on investment will be measured in terms of the student’s future professional employment, and their ability to contribute immediately and significantly at work.

Luxembourg’s labor market is extremely strong and salaries for young professionals starting their careers top of most other countries in the world. With almost half of Luxembourg’s population coming from other countries, it is a very open and welcoming place. Luxembourg is also ranked as having one of the highest qualities of living anywhere.

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy?

Education agents play an important role in LSB’s international recruitment strategy. We’re aiming at developing a long-term relationship based on trust and professionalism.

LSB’s international recruitment strategy is based on profile diversity, and an open mindset. Above all, candidates should demonstrate a strong capacity to operate in a fast-changing international context. The Master in Management Admissions Team is looking for self-driven young university graduates with strong academic records and work ethics.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

We expect our agent to carefully select the student profiles they send to us and provide us with strong and reliable information about them.

We are seeking to partner with new agents who share our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

We only collaborate with one agent in each of our target areas: India, Latin America and the Middle East

How do you work with education agents?

Before starting a long-term cooperation with an agent, we request a trial.
The agent sends us 3 student applications. If at least one of the 3 profiles matches our selection criteria, we keep working with the agent. If none of the profiles matches our selection criteria, we stop the collaboration. 

In order to keep a balance among the various areas of the world, we work on a 3 student recruitment campaign. This means that once we’ve received 3 students from a particular area, we wait until we receive 3 students from the other areas before launching a new recruitment campaign in the first area. 


We work with three zones : 1,2 and 3. Once we’ve recruited 3 students from zone 1, we must receive 3 students from zone 2, and 3 students from zone 3 before accepting 3 more students from zone 1. 

Want to work with LSB?

We are looking forward to meeting and working with new education agents.

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