Education agents play an important role in the international education market. They facilitate a significant number of international student enrollments each year, and their influence has grown strongly in recent years.

Professional and ethical education agents can deliver significant benefits for both educational institutions and international students.

When things go bad with education agents – when they behave dishonestly or unprofessionally – two things almost always happen:

  • students are hurt – their financial and psychological well being is damaged.
  • the educational institution the agent represents takes a hit to its reputation and brand.

Calling it out

AgentBee supports transparency and accountability in the education agent market by reporting on incidents of misconduct by education agents. Click here to search the Education Agents Alerts Database.

Make an anonymous report

Help us uncover and report on misconduct by education agents.

If you know about an education agent that is dishonest, unprofessional or unethical click here and make an anonymous report.