Manage sub-agent risk

Implement sub-agent due diligence.

"Great story citing the important work done by AgentBee: Institutions sever ties with agencies following PIE investigation."

amy baker

Amy Baker

Amy Baker, CEO, The PIE

Run checks on your sub-agents to assure your institution clients

Our business intelligence database provides information on education agent performance and misconduct incidents, drawing on global media reports, and government/official reporting.
Run a check before recruiting a new sub-agent, and at scheduled performance review points.

Get real time alerts about sub-agents

Get notified when we update the database with new information about an education agent.
Quickly assess the new information and decide on appropriate action.

"Due diligence isn't something you just do once and forget, it's a continuous process. AgentBee is a valuable resource for HEIs working with international student recruitment agents. AgentBee can provide HEIs with access to up-to-date reports on the activities of their current and potential future agent partners. It should, in my view, be a standard resource used by HEIs to protect both future students and HEI reputations."

Vincenzo Raimo

Vincenzo Raimo

Enter the agent name to search. Easy.

education agent search

"AgentBee is doing a great job of scrutinising global agent networks and speaking openly about the good and the bad."

Nicholas Cuthbert

NED & Leader in International Education

Strengthen sub-agent due diligence...

...your educational institution clients expect it.

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