It’s not often that education agent scandals become front page news. If you’ve even glanced at the news in the last few days you will already be aware of the college admissions scandal in the US. At the centre of it is William Rick Singer, CEO of an education agency called The Key.

The agency’s website appears to have been taken down, or rather all content has been removed. Using the trusty WayBackMachine it’s easy enough to check out a version of the website as it was as recently as 31 December 2018. Click here to check it out.

US authorities allege that William Rick Singer worked with wealthy clients and guaranteed to get their students admission to prestigious US colleges. He arranged for SAT/ACT test scores to be doctored, and paid bribes to college administrators to guarantee admission.

A number of college sports coaches and administrators and coaches have been fired or stood down in response to the allegations.

Over 50 people have been charged by US federal prosecutors, including colleges coaches who allegedly took bribes, testing administrators and parents who paid bribes to get their children admission.

The most high profile parents implicated are  two Hollywood actresses—Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin—who are both named in the lawsuit.



Source: New York Times