AgentBee spoke with Richard Affolter, CEO of WEBA World

1. Describe WEBA World in a few sentences.

WEBA World is a Swiss company that has provided professional services to the education industry for over 30 years. Each year WEBA holds over 100 education events in more than 25 countries globally.

WEBA holds 2 types of Agent Workshops, “International” (bringing agents from around the world to meet educators in one country) and “National” (bringing educators from around the world to meet agents from one country).

WEBA’s Member Educators include high schools, boarding schools, colleges, business schools, universities, and language schools.

WEBA’s Member Agents include more than 3,200 of the highest quality education agents from around the world that WEBA has pre-selected to attend our events.

2. How does WEBA help educational institutions?

One of the biggest work that WEBA is doing now to help education institutions is to guarantee a high selection of international education agents – pre-screened , and with 4-6 client references.

Another big help is the follow up after the Workshops. WEBA will assist each institution to follow up with the agents they meet. WEBA will do the follow up directly locally in China, Europe, Asia , Latin America, Middle East with the local staff in local languages.

WEBA has also partnered with AgentBee to offer educational institutions AgentBee’s complete education agent management system. It enables our educational institution partners to make the most of the agent connections they make at WEBA events – and ultimately enrol more international students – by making it easy for them to manage all aspects of their relationship with their agents over the long term.

3. What can educational institutions expect at one of WEBA’s education agent workshops?

You will meet pre-selected agents in a one to one session. The biggest advantage of our events is that all the educators will meet all the agents attending, as our workshops are run in rotation format. 

4. What kind of education agents attend WEBA agent workshops?

All the agents are pre-screened. They must provide references of partner institutions. All the agents are members of WEBA and many of them are members of their local agent association.

All the agents ( 3,200 )  are part of our portal which include the profile, contact details, information and more.

5. When and where are WEBA’s next agent workshops?

We run Agent Workshops constantly throughout the year. The next Agent Workshops are listed below. If you are interested in attending, or just want more information, please complete the form and my team will get in touch.

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