Meet João Magalhães, Business Developer, Partnership and Expansion Manager at Vermilion Group.

Describe Vermilion Group in a few sentences.

We are a global educational consultancy specialised in the UK Higher Education.

Vermilion Group is currently represented through its subsidiaries and brands OK Student and Klensein.

We open up horizons for young people, showing them the possibilities of making great personal and professional achievements. Vermilion Group has a global network of excellence. We are proud to officially represent many of the UK’s most prestigious universities. We provide an impartial, high quality university application service no matter the nationality or location. 

We guide the student in choosing the best university and location based on their profile, educational background and objectives. The quality of services provided and a history of success gives security to the parents and students through personalized service.

This way we’ve helped over 10,000 students study in the UK.

How does Vermilion Group help students?

We offer a high-quality service to the student, by understanding that the best way to support them is by providing excellent academic orientation, preparing the student for life in the UK, and transmitting to parents the security expected when having your child studying abroad. Vermilion Group works with exceptional individuals and organizations with the aim of fast-tracking our student’s careers and providing top talent to drive tomorrow’s business successes.

We have an impeccable track record of sourcing and placing talent across diverse universities in Foundation Years, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees.

What role do education agent partners play in your business strategy?

Vermilion Group has an international student recruitment expansion business model that promotes talented entrepreneurs across the globe to drive us forward.

We believe that people are the great differential that makes everything possible so, by building a network, together we guarantee better quality services, making our brand stronger. All approaches, actions and guidelines are always taken with a focus on providing maximum security. 

By establishing solid partnerships with local education agent partners, Vermilion Group delivers a unique end-to-end service that would meet every customer need to ensure that anyone can access quality higher education, regardless of their nationality or location.

What are the benefits for agents who work with Vermilion Group as a partner agent?

Behind the partnership, there is a wide structure responsible for delivering all the tools the agent needs to achieve great results.

Through Vermilion Group, the agents will have access to our CRM platform, designed to keep track of the applications processes in an organized manner, helping them to expand their resources. It is an all-in-one platform that supports every step of the recruitment process, to make their work faster and smarter.

With our great number of UK partner Universities, the agents get access to a wider range of top-UK universities and maximise their revenue with access to incentives offered by our partners while we will do the hard work of securing new institution partnerships to us. By that, the service provided becomes more attractive so that you can recruit more students by accessing a large inventory of courses and locations.

The agent can focus on attracting more leads while we offer a quality application handling since the agent will have access to our Application Centre. This solution also includes sales & university training which will give them access to the latest information on institutions, destinations, entry requirements.

We also have at your disposal an Account Manager, that operates as the lead point of contact for any and all matters with the goal of building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationship, and Training sessions regarding Sales and University matters.

What are you looking for in a new agent partner?

We look for professionalism and ethics with which Vermilion Group operates by offering the best tools for the agents to achieve greater results.

Vermilion Group is looking for a highly ambitious team of professionals with experience in the Higher Education industry. Collaboration, integration and willingness are key to establish and develop an enduring relationship regarding quality applications, attendance to our training sessions/webinars with the main objective of being a trust-worthy agent that puts the client on the perfect university and course, and prepares the student for life in the UK.

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