University of Minnesota international students are being offered several student-led workshops on sexual violence.

Ericka Lara is the president of the Council of International Graduate Students, which is delivering the Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) series for University of Minnesota international students. She said:

We organized the [SVP] series in light of the various sexual harassment [and] assault reports and incidents published in the news outlets involving University of Minnesota international students or students traveling abroad.

The group wants to prevent international students becoming the victims of sexual violence by giving them an understanding of their legal rights and a safe place to talk about the issued involved.

Cultural differences are an important consideration in delivering the workshops.  CIGS member Hanna Sun, who is also a third year Master’s student said:

Depending on different cultures and countries, each international student may have a different understanding regarding sexual misconduct.

Topics included in the workshop include:

  • affirmative consent
  • how to report sexual harassment, and
  • legal protections for international students in relation to sexual harassment.


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Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash
Source: Minnesota Daily