Well we’re not even through January and we are already posting the first education agent alert for: Tu Futuro en Australia.

On 19 January, ABC News in Australia reported that up to 100 international students – mostly from South America – have been ripped off by education agent Tu Futuro en Australia Pty Ltd

Tu Futuro

The students had paid Tu Futuro to arrange enrollment and accommodation in Australia but found that the agent simply did not pay providers, and their money is gone.  It is guessed that the students may have collectively lost up to A$1 million.

Gabrielle Pinha, a 23-year-old Brazilian English teacher, said she paid $4,000 to Tu Futuro in 2016 for her accommodation and course at Shafston International College. But the college wasn’t paid, and the agents who operated Tu Futuro had disappeared, along with all of her money.

Ongoing Agent Performance Monitoring

Regular agent performance monitoring is a key element of global education agent management best practice. That’s because ongoing monitoring is critical to protecting your reputation and students against unprofessional and dishonest agents.

The challenge is that regular monitoring can be time consuming and resource intensive.  The good news for in-house recruitment teams is that it doesn’t have to be.

AgentBee supports in-house teams to monitor agent professionalism and integrity over the life of the agency agreement.

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