Meet Jon Crocker, Principal at the Mondial Experience.

Describe the Mondial Experience in a few sentences.

The Mondial Experience is an online provider for higher-level non-native speakers to engage in a unique and flexible programme that aims to engage everyone in intelligent conversation and help them develop their language skills through a regular series of events. There are no course books because we only deal with relevancy and authenticity with a focus on media perspectives, creative enquiry, philosophical approaches, ethical debates and critical thinking.

With a maximum of 4 guests at each event, our intimate online environments focus on a range of skills, topics and outcomes designed to capture the imagination, provide meaningful learning and be the catalyst for further language development.

Why should international students consider studying at the Mondial Experience?

Our guests are high-level (B2/C1/C2) non-native speakers of English who still want to improve their English. They can already talk easily about their job, company and industry but spontaneous, open conversations can be difficult to enter and unexpected or complicated topics can reduce their fluency. They should consider joining us if they want to be able to enjoy discussing complicated topics in English, to contribute good ideas to group discussions, to react fluently to unexpected questions, to be relaxed in fast, subtle, complex conversations, to work towards native-level proficiency and spontaneity, to not stand at the sidelines struggling to follow what is being discussed.

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy?

Education agents provide a vital role in what we do and are highly valued. We believe our purpose is to deliver a transformational experience to our guests with a focus on academic excellence and first-class customer service. The partners we work with are our global ambassadors who believe in what we do and promote our experience which is vital to the growth and success of the business

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

We work with people we like and trust. Our partners need to understand and believe in what we do and have the passion to tell the world about it. Of course, we would expect that our educational agents have access to the right client profiles and have the desire to work hard on our behalf. It is absolutely vital that our partners see value in our services and believe both in the benefits we provide and the advantages of delivering online.

How do you work with education agents?

We work with education agents as partners and colleagues and they are part of our ‘family’. Although we would ask everyone to sign an agency agreement we view this as a formality and what is more important is the long-term relationship we build together.

We offer a 25% commission on all enrolments in recognition of the efforts our partners make on our behalf and we are committed to providing support, open communication and transparency at all times.

Want to work with the Mondial Experience?

We are looking forward to meeting and working with new education agents.

Education Agents – click here to apply to represent the Mondial Experience.