There is no shortage of “study in…” information on the web for international students and education agents who want to research possible study locations. In fact, there is so much info that it can be confusing.

A great place to start is the official “study in” website for the country, region or city you are interested in. Usually these websites are run by the government, a city council, or a group of educational institutions in the same region.  Sometimes a combination of those groups work together. Their aim is to provide the best, most up to date and accurate information for international students.

It is not always easy to find these websites, so we have put together a custom Google map of the ones we know about.

Click on any marker on the site to get a link to the relevant ‘Study in’ website.

The orange markers show “Study in” websites for countries.

The yellow markers show “Study in” websites for states/provinces/regions,

The green markers show “Study in” websites for cities

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