The number of international students in Ukraine rose 13 percent over the past year. March data from the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, shows a jump in international student numbers to 75,605. The number of international students choosing to study in Ukraine has grown steadily over the last decade, reflecting the country’s focus on promoting itself as an affordable study destination.

Ukraine generally offers quality education with cheaper tuition and cost of living when compared to other study destinations like the US, UK, Australia and Canada. It means that study in Ukraine is attractive to lower income international students who can’t afford to study somewhere else.

The downsides of studying in Ukraine include political instability and corruption, and variable education standards. Even so, more and more international students believe that study in Ukraine is a good option.

Study in Ukraine: where do students come from and what do they study?

In 2018 the top countries sending international students to study in Ukraine were:

  • India (14,958)
  • Morocco (7,390)
  • Azerbaijan (6,228)
  • Turkmenistan (5,033)
  • Nigeria (3,552).

The vast majority of students are enrolled in bachelor and master programs. The most popular fields of study are medicine, healthcare, dentistry and pharmacy, which together account for about half the enrollment. Other popular options are:

  • management
  • computer sciences, and
  • oil and gas engineering.

The growth of international student numbers in Ukraine is indicative of a global trend that is seeing a growing number of countries actively marketing themselves as international study destinations. They aim to claim a share of the lucrative international student market that has been dominated by big players like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

The role of education agents

Education agents are the key drivers of international student enrollments in Ukraine. They are responsible for the majority of incoming international students.

One thing for students to watch out for is that Ukrainian institutions may not have solid systems in place to monitor the professionalism and integrity of their education agents, so you may be more at risk of dealing with a dodgy agent. More on this below.

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