AgentBee spoke with Jarryd Stock, Associate Director of Admission at St. Andrew’s College, Ontario

Describe St. Andrew’s College in a few sentences.

St. Andrew’s College (SAC) is an independent, all-boys preparatory school for Grades 5-12. Founded in 1899 and located 40 minutes north of Toronto in the town of Aurora, our 126-acre campus is home to a mix of 650 boarding and day students.

SAC offers a rigorous academic curriculum with multiple Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities and a rich, activity-based educational environment. A wireless tablet program adds to the learning experience, incorporating the latest technology into the classroom.

We welcome boys from around the world with strong academic backgrounds who also want to become active members of our community.

As set out in our mission statement, SAC’s academic program is complemented by a wide range of co-curricular activities designed to develop ‘the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.’ All boys participate in our extensive athletic program (72 teams across 24 sports) and the 113-year-old Cadet Corps. Many of our students also choose to participate in SAC’s internationally acclaimed arts, drama, and music programs, and are active in photography, broadcasting on SAC TODAY, robotics, community outreach, and more.

A St. Andrew’s education is like no other. Graduates gain entry to top universities in Canada, the U.S., and abroad. They are renowned for their strong values, dedication to the community, lasting achievements, and lifelong friendships.

Why should international students consider studying at St. Andrew’s College?

Over 120 years of experience teaching boys has shown us that our students benefit when teachers prioritize organization, support active engagement with the topic at hand, and empower boys to work toward authenticity. Teachers at St. Andrew’s design their courses to reflect both the Ministry of Education’s curriculum and our beliefs that all students need to work in a collaborative environment where critical thinking is expected and a growth mindset is fostered.

Our overarching mission statement suggests that being well-rounded is at the heart of the St. Andrew’s classroom experience, and boys are encouraged to seek breadth in their course selection. Advanced Placement courses are offered for those boys who seek to accelerate their learning in a particular field of study. Most importantly, we know that how a boy feels about his teacher directly impacts his capacity to learn; the positive rapport between students and teachers is tangible in the hallways, classrooms, and on the playing fields at SAC.

All students take part in our ‘Arts & Co-curricular Plus’ (ACPlus) program, where 40 different activities (in addition to sports) are offered throughout the year (Bagpiping, Pottery, Coding, Cooking Class, Debating, Media Arts, Drumming, Film, Guitar Club, Investment Club, Painting, Medical Sciences, Model UN, etc.).

We offer 72 teams across 24 different sports (Soccer, Volleyball, American Football, Hockey, Squash, Swimming, Basketball, Fencing, Skiing, Golf, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Rugby, Curling, etc.). All boys are required to participate in the athletics program. A dedicated strength and conditioning team is available for all students to ensure physical health is a priority.  

Academic Vision

  • We empower boys to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.
  • We develop the capacity to innovate and adapt to our ever-changing world.
  • We cultivate critical-thinking skills, so decisions are based on a broad range of criteria.
  • We inspire engaged, caring, and reflective global citizens.
  • We promote integrity, resiliency, and leadership.
  • We implement technology wisely to enhance learning.
  • We nurture the creative process and celebrate excellence in performance.
  • We encourage curiosity in a boy-friendly, collaborative, and supportive environment.
  • We champion eloquence and the art of communication.


  • 100% of our graduates gain acceptance to reputable universities around the world.
  • 4.5 acceptances per graduate.
  • Over $2 million in university scholarships annually  
  • 70% attend Canadian Universities (University of Toronto, McGill University, Western University, Queens University, etc.)
  • 20% attend US Universities (Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Cornell University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, etc.)
  • 10% attend International Universities (University of St. Andrew’s, The University of Edinburgh, University of Sydney, Imperial College London, etc.)

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy?

Educational agents play an increasingly vital role in St. Andrew’s College’s international recruitment strategy. While over 55% of our boarding population consists of domestic students, the remaining portion hails from over 30 different countries. The even composition of international and domestic boarding students creates the ideal environment for international students to appreciate Canadian culture and for our domestic students to develop lasting global relationships.

With travel challenges being what they are, agent relationships are only growing in importance to facilitate the connections with future international St. Andrew’s College boarding students. We are acutely aware of the invaluable market knowledge that educational agents bring to this relationship.

You must act as an extension of our Admission team, allowing our international reach to have few limitations. These relationships establish lasting recruitment initiatives and help to foster crucial brand awareness. For international families, agents are the link before, during and after the on-campus experience.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

Not only do we require extensive knowledge of their market, we expect an understanding of how the students of their market would be a fit for our particular program. This requires an in-depth understanding of our program offerings and a focused strategy regarding how best to target our ideal students.

Communication is key, as we will work as partners when developing recruitment strategies. We understand that business is conducted differently in every country, so transparency during the early stages is paramount. St. Andrew’s College offers a niche opportunity that is not a fit for all families. We require the right agents with the right networks to fulfil our various international objectives. 

How do you work with your education agent partners?

Our agent relationships become more than business partnerships. We aren’t simply dealing with services and customers; we are dealing with families and their children’s futures. We care deeply for our students and their families and expect that our agents will too.

In the early stages, we will work hard to establish a recruitment strategy and a set of communication expectations with which we are both aligned. Our agents are compensated well for hard work. Depending on the country, some agents grow to become our primary representatives in their particular markets. This is the ultimate goal, as it signifies that we have reached an ideal stage of communication and sustained recruitment success.   

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