AgentBee spoke with Ved Durai, CEO and Managing Director of Sharath.

1. Describe Sharath in a few sentences.

Sharath Educational Promoters, located in Chennai, India, is a registered and incorporated company (Registration No.18-41755) promoting overseas education in India, particularly USA, for 28 years and counting. We have recruited more than 4000 students for studying in USA. We are official representatives of a number of universities in USA. We are able to secure admissions for students to 120+ US Universities.

2. How does Sharath help students?

We focus on providing a complete, professional service to every student that we work with:

  • Counselling.
  • Identifying programs and universities.
  • Applying to US universities.
  • Securing admissions and I20s (through students).
  • Financial and visa briefing.
  • Educational loans.
  • Health insurance.

3. What are the benefits for agents who work with Sharath as sub-agents?

Sub Agents who partner with us will get benefits such as:

  • Good commission share. Payment within 3 – 5 days after receiving commission amount into our account from universities.
  • We will evaluate the profile of sub-agents’ student, suggest universities appropriate to the credentials and goals of students, application requirements, assistance in applying and following up with US universities for securing admission decisions.
  • We will provide all services to sub agents on line using the AgentBee platform.

4. What is Sharath looking for in a new sub-agent partner?

Active marketing and promoting the programs and universities that we work with and referral of a good number of students. Smooth relationship.

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