AgentBee’s list of educational institutions and service providers seeking education agents has proven very popular with education agents.

Agents can use the list to find new universities, colleges, schools and service providers to represent.

The list is in two parts:

  1. Partners
  2. Other institutions seeking agents.

We’ll briefly explain both parts.

1. Partners

Our partners are listed at the top of the page.


These are the educational institutions, service providers and education agent networks who are seeking education agents and working with AgentBee to grow and manage their education agent networks.

Any education agent can apply to work with one of our partners. Simply click the Apply Now link next to the partner you want to work with.

Good news!

The good news for agents is that all of our partners accept the AgentBee Application form. Just complete the form once and we’ll email you a pdf of your completed form. You can then use it to apply to work with any of our partners.

No more wasting time filling out multiple education agent application forms that all ask for the same information. 🙂

When you apply to work with one of our partners it is up to them to decide if they want to work with you. They will contact you directly.

AgentBee does not act as a ‘master agent’ or ‘super agent’. Any agency or representation agreement or contract you enter into will be with the partner, not AgentBee.

2. Other Institutions Seeking Agents

The bottom part of the page has a list of every university, college and school we can find on the web that is actively seeking new education agent partners to work with.


Each listing contains a direct link to the page on the institution’s website where you will find information on how to apply to become an agent.

To be clear, AgentBee does not have a business relationship with any of these institutions. We’ve just pulled the links together for you to be helpful.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash