COVID-19 has brought the international education sector almost to a standstill.

Unfortunately it has had the opposite effect on scams targeting international students. COVID-19 provides almost the perfect set of circumstances for scammers to rip off international students: fear, uncertainty, desperation and isolation.

A quick search around the web shows that scammers targeting international students continue to do a roaring trade in the main study destination markets:

These are just a few examples. There are many more happening every day, and each incident has a devastating impact on the life of the victim and their family.

Knowledge is the best defence

The best way to protect international students from scams is to ensure that they understand the risks and warning signs.

AgentBee offers targeted online courses that aim to protect international students from scams by increasing their knowledge:

Educational institutions: protect your students against scams…

Educational institutions can:

  • have your education agents take the courses, and pass the information to international students (zero cost to your institution) , and/or
  • deliver the courses directly to your international students (super low cost)

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Education agents: educate yourself and your students…

Education agents can:

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash