The rules on education agents are changing again Down Under.

In Australia all aspects of the recruitment and education of international students are regulated by the Education Services for Overseas Students Act and the more detailed Regulations and National Code made under that legislation.

A revised set of Regulations take effect on 1 October and, among other things, impose additional record keeping obligations on an educational institution when a student is recruited through an education agent.

The new rules on education agents mean institutions will now have to submit the following information in the Provider Registration and International student Management System (PRISMS) when a student is enrolled through an agent:

  • the agent’s name
  • the address of the agent’s principal place of business
  • if the agent is a body corporate—the address of the body corporate’s registered office
  • the agent’s postal address
  • the agent’s phone number, email address and website address (if any)
  • the agent’s ABN or ACN (if any)
  • the agent’s trading name or names (if any)
  • if the agent is a body corporate—the names of the body corporate’s directors
  • if the agent is a registered migration agent—the agent’s Migration Agents Registration Number
  • the following information about each of the agent’s employees (if any) who are involved in the agent facilitating the enrollment:
    • the employee’s name
    • the employee’s email address
    • if the employee is a registered migration agent—the employee’s Migration Agents Registration Number

(Note: See section 11(2) of the ESOS Regulations, Item 1 of table)

Gathering all of this information is a critical step in the Australian Government’s goal of publishing performance data on education agents. Australia’s Department of Education has issued an information document summarising the Regulation changes, which states:

Collection of this information will provide a more detailed picture of agent activity across the international education system and over time. This will better support regulators to monitor providers’ compliance with the ESOS Act and the National Code with respect to their agents, and provide a more detailed picture of agent performance for providers and students.

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Photo by Mark Thompson on Unsplash