The COVID crisis will end and international student markets will reopen.

When that time comes, recruiting international students will be more challenging and competitive than ever.

In a post COVID world international travel won’t be what it was before the pandemic hit, at least not for some time. Countries that have by that stage controlled the virus – including many of the main international study destination markets – will likely keep border controls in place to guard against infections from international travelers and a dreaded ‘second wave’.

Short term international travel to many international student source markets will at best be hard, and may simply be impractical. Jetting off to attend a student fair in one of your institution’s target markets is probably not going to happen in the short term.

In that environment, educational institutions will need to rely more than ever on their education agents to generate international student enrollments.

Education agent recruitment options

Most educational institutions that use education agents as part of their international student recruitment strategy must regularly recruit education agents to:

  • grow their agent network to achieve a ‘critical mass’ that will deliver the required flow of international student enrolments
  • establish representation in new markets, or
  • refresh their existing education agent network.

Prior to the current pandemic crisis an educational institution wanting to recruit new education agents could attend a face-to-face education agent recruitment fair in one or more of its target markets. That won’t be easy (or maybe even possible) as the world recovers from COVID, for the reasons discussed above.

Instead you’ll need to consider online options for recruiting education agents. Some of the face-to-face education agent fair providers are now offering online options, at least in the short term.

AgentBee also offers an online education agent recruitment solution which your institution can implement with $0 upfront investment required. Click here for more information.

If your institution needs to recruit new education agents it is important to start the process now so that new agents are ready to deliver for you when the market reopens.