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Study Queensland aims to promote the Australian state as an attractive destination for international students.

It’s one of many similar city and region based initiatives around the word that build on the intentional marketing efforts of individual universities, colleges and schools.

Some, like Study Queensland, are funded by government, while others are privately funded, often by groups of institutions that have banded together.

The number of these collective approaches seems to be growing, probably because it’s a great idea. In many cases it’s also a multi-layered approach.

Let’s stick with the Australian state of Queensland for the time being by way of example. There you’ve got:

In most cases each of those initiatives and websites serves a dual purpose. It’s pitched directly at prospective international students who are researching the area themselves, but it also provides great material for education agents.

Recognising the important role that education agents play in sending international students to Queensland, Study Queensland is running a competition called AgentPitch.


The Study Queensland website describes the competition as “a unique opportunity for you to pitch your next big idea, for taking Study Queensland to the world. It’s an opportunity to make a difference and the chance to receive $15,000 to bring it to life.”

What they want is: “A fresh, new concept for recruiting international students – targeting parents – to study in Queensland.”

Entries close soon…

To enter education agents are asked to provide a brief summary of their idea, so there is not too much work involved.

Entries close on Friday 9 March, so there is still time to enter. Click here for more information.


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