New Zealand news website is reporting that last year Philippines based immigration agency Pinoy Care Visa Center, had the lowest international student visa success rate of over 22 offshore agencies that charged Filipino students to apply for visas to New Zealand.

Just 40 per cent of Filipino students who paid Pinoy Care to help with their international student visa application were granted a visa.

Pinoy Care is based in the Philippines and has offices in Canada and Singapore. says it contacted the agency for comment but did not get a response.

Philippines ambassador to New Zealand Gary Domingo said that NZ government agency Education New Zealand helps Filipino agencies promote the “study, work, live” message in the Philippines.

Ambassador Gary Domingo

These agencies and Education NZ are trying to go after all possible markets. A lot of promotion goes on in provincial areas.

Ambassador Gary Domingo



Education NZ spokesman John Goulter said that education agencies play an important role in providing accurate information about New Zealand to international students.

John Goulter

We encourage education providers and students to use reputable agents who are focused on high quality education.

John Goulter Education NZ



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