AgentBee spoke to John Holden, Managing Director at Online Business School.

Describe Online Business School in a few sentences. 

Online Business School delivers over 30 University pathway programmes giving advanced credits for University completion. The programmes range from K12 through to Level 7 Ofqual which gives entry to MBA completion.

We offer a range of programmes from Business and Management, through Computing and Hospitality and Healthcare. All programmes are available on all devices. They are easily accessible, engaging and interesting with interactions with Tutors, webinars and fellow students from around the world.

Why should international students consider studying at Online Business School? 

Students joining Online Business School can study anywhere at any time and can communicate with fellow students around the world 24/7. The main advantage of studying with us is that our programmes are all UK Government approved which means the credits earned give advanced entry to a range of UK Universities.

A Degree or MBA can be obtained at very low cost. Our programmes are low cost and flexible with a range of free resources such as Career advice and  Wellness Hub for health advice. There are also a range of learning resources presented to ensure a comprehensive experience for students.

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy? 

We rely on education agents to present the unique and low cost advantages of our programmes to the market. As the programmes are online the agent role is much less complicated than for campus learning. Agents can therefore give a simple message to those of their enquiries that cannot afford campus options or who do not have the time to travel abroad.

What do you look for in new education agent partners? 

We like our partners to have complete buy-in to our proposition and understand the great opportunity our low cost online learning presents. Agents should understand the increasing  importance and flexibility of online study and its validity in providing university education at low cost.

How do you work with your education agent partners? 

Agents have a simple job of driving enquiries to our website. We do the rest. An Agent will give their enquirers an agent code and when that student enrols with the code the agent is automatically credited with the sale and therefore a commission. That is all the agent has to do.

Agents should understand that because our programmes are low cost the commissions are less than campus but an agent has little to do other to drive enquiries to our website. Commissions will be between 30% and 50% of fees depending on if the agent offers a student discount.

Want to work with Online Business School?

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