This week we discovered an Australian media story from 2016 about New Field International Education Group.

It reported on a Chinese court case in which a Mr Li was sentenced to three years in jail for his role in facilitating illegal immigration into Australia.

The Supreme People’s Court of Jiangsu Province heard the fraud was facilitated at the Australian end by Mr Li’s sister, Olive Li, a director of the Sydney-based New Field International Education Group.

The fraud reportedly worked like this:

  • The process began in China where Mr Li arranged for a printing shop in the northern city of Anshan to forge report cards and high school diplomas for applicants at a cost of about 10,000 yuan.
  • The forged documents were then sent to Olive Li in Sydney, who then posed as the applicants during telephone interviews with Australian immigration officials, because the applicants spoke no English.
  • When the applicants arrived in Sydney, Ms Li picked them up from the airport and found them a place to live.

The Li’s reportedly charged about A$10,000 for submitting the false documents and coaching the applicants to pass through Australian immigration without raising suspicion.

At the time of his arrest Mr Li had facilitated two successful fraudulent applications and was working on three more.

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YSource: AFR

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