mpower financing

AgentBee spoke with Arbaaz Hashmy, Head of Partnerships, MPOWER Financing

Describe MPOWER in a few sentences.

We’re a social benefit corporation founded by international students for international students, and we’re on a mission to make socioeconomic mobility borderless.

Higher education is key to this mobility but, unfortunately, millions of students struggle to get into or through school due to financial constraints.

We’re tackling this by working with universities to provide an innovative education financing product for students from around the world. We’re not just a student lender – our goal is to set students up for academic, professional, and financial successes.

How does MPOWER help international students?

MPOWER Financing helps international students from over 200 countries remove financial barriers to their higher education in the U.S. and Canada.

We offer student loans that do not require cosigners, collateral, or credit history.

How do we do it? 

Our forward-looking credit evaluation makes the loan decision only about the students’ future and our cloud-based application and paperless process is easy for students and maximizes data security

What role do education agents play in your business growth strategy?

Education Agents are one of the top 3 channels for us and we want to keep growing in this segment. We firmly believe having a reliable partner network will ease our expansion into other countries.  

Having been an Education Agent in the past, I understand the pivotal role agents play in recommending a Student Loan to a student and we want to offer them a product that is unique and grow with them.

What are the benefits for agents who work with MPOWER as a partner?

We make sure that our partners make money whenever we make money. A referral fee is offered to our partners every time we convert a student loan through them.  

Since ours is a no-collateral, no-cosigner Loan, the funnel for the people who can apply gets drastically increased, helping our partners to attract more students.

What is MPOWER looking for in new education agent partners?

We are looking for Education Agents who help students in their journey of availing an education from the U.S. or Canada. Together we’ll make sure the students have a hassle-free experience.

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