At least thirteen Miami University international students became victims of a tuition payment scam in the past academic year.

The scam is run through WeChat.  It works like this:

  • Scammers contact students through WeChat and offer to pay their tuition if the students pay them a “discounted” rate for it.
  • Students transfer money to the scammers thinking they are saving money on their tuition.
  • The scammers then use stolen credit card numbers to make payments to the university on the student’s behalf.

The 13 cases total more than US$230,000

A Miami University representative said most of the fraud cases occur in the busy periods, just before tuition payment deadlines. Scammers usually make multiple payments to the university – about $4000 or $5000 at a time.

What is Miami University doing in response?

The Miami University Police Department is working with other law enforcement agencies to investigate the scams, which are thought to originate in China.

The University is also focusing on educating its international students about scams so that they don’t become victims.

Source: The Miami Student