In Australia, Kate Choi, a manager at education agency Melbourne Education and Information Centre, was last week sentenced to 2 months jail by a Melbourne Court for stealing A$94,573 from six international students.

She was also given a community corrections order and ordered to pay the money back.

Choi gambled the stolen money. Her bank records showed a $128,000 loss at Crown Casino and $14,000 lost on online poker machines.

The victims transferred money into Choi’s bank accounts, thinking they were paying tuition fees for institutions that Choi was helping them gain admission to, including:

  • Monash University
  • Deakin University
  • Kangan TAFE
  • Whitefriars Catholic College for Boys
  • Royal Gurkhas Institute Of Technology Australia
  • St Peters Institute

But Choi falsified offer documents, including changing the bank details to her own, so that the students’ fees were transferred directly to her rather than the institution.

Choi sobbed during the court hearing, and admitted to forging documents.

Melbourne Education and Information Centre – still listed

In Australia the law requires educational institutions to list their education agents on their website.

A Google search on “Melbourne Education and Information Centre” shows that, as at 11 September 2018, the agency remains in the list of education agents for several educational institutions:

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. Australian Technical and Management College
  3. Brighton Institute of Technology
  4. Deakin University
  5. Eltham College
  6. Max Therapy Institute
  7. Monash University
  8. Murdoch Institute of Technology
  9. Navitas English
  10. St Peter Institute
  11. The University of Adelaide College
  12. The William Light Institute
  13. Think Education

It may be that these institutions have not yet had a chance to consider the case and update their online list of education agents.

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