AgentBee spoke with Greg Rainey, founder of our new education agent integrity partner McGovern Education Group.

AgentBee: Give us the “elevator pitch”. Tell us about your agency in one or two sentences.

Greg: McGovern Education Group is located in the United States and employs 12 experienced college counselors who assist (video chat) each international student and family through each step of the university selection and application process. If you’re interested in pursing a degree in the United States, we are the American education experts.

AgentBee: What inspired you to start the business, and how long have you been going?

Greg RaineyGreg: I was previously a high school teacher and later a principal at a college prep school in North Carolina. I believe international students should have the same advantages and insight that American students receive in the college counseling process. Unlike most countries, the US has nearly 4,000 colleges and universities, which can be overwhelming for international students and parents. We provide experienced American counselors to guide international students through a difficult and complex decision-making process, which will likely impact the rest of their lives. Also, we are selective about which international students we choose as clients, which results in better outcomes for our international students, including higher visa approval rates and increased scholarship and assistantship opportunities.

AgentBee: What services do you offer your educational institution clients, and what is your approach to service delivery?

Greg: In short, we attempt to secure contracts with a wide variety of US colleges and universities, so we can provide a balanced selection of degree programs, varied campus locations, strong international student support services, CPT and OPT opportunities, scholarships and assistantships, as well as varied tuition price points based on the needs of our international families. We assist hundreds of international students each semester, so we are always searching for new great-fit university partners for our specific international student population, which typically includes 22 countries.

AgentBee: What services do you offer to international students, and what are the benefits for a student in working with you?

Greg: McGovern Education Group does not limit international students to a small portfolio of US colleges and universities. Our clients may choose any degree program at any US university of their choice; however, we do require international students to apply to at least two of our suggested universities to ensure admission success as well as to maximize potential scholarships and assistantship opportunities, particularly CPT and OPT. In addition to comprehensive university application services, we also provide discounted rates from our partner organizations for international students who request assistance with educational loans, SAT or GRE test prep, university tours, and health insurance.

AgentBee: What is your vision for the business over the next 5 years?

Greg: I believe McGovern Education Group will continue to diversify as the international education market is evolving more rapidly each year. We want to push our current student referral rate of 35% above 60% over the next five years to improve the quality of our services to international students. We will continue to broker more 2+2 and 3+1 partnerships between US universities and international universities as well as expand the number of university sponsored overseas recruitment offices through our Campus Cow program. In short, we live by a simple business philosophy – be better than you were yesterday.

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