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In the world of international student recruitment “Master Agents”, or “Super Agents” as they are sometimes called, are usually well established education agencies who build and work with a network of sub-agents to source international students for their university, college and school clients around the world.

It’s a great business model, but building and managing a sub-agent network is just plain hard.

As a Master Agent you have to:

  • build your network by recruiting sub-agents.
  • Constantly update your sub-agents with the latest info, like client lists, institution marketing material, special offers, and commission rates.
  • Manage and track student applications sent by your sub-agents

Trying to do everything with email and maybe some shared spreadsheets doesn’t work. It’s too hard to keep track.

To get the most from your sub-agent network – and the best return on you investment in recruiting sub-agents – you need to implement a system that enables you and your sub-agents to work together easily and efficiently.

This is where AgentBee’s sub-agent management solution can help.

It is basically a secure portal, branded for your agency, that makes cooperation with your sub-agents super easy.

You’ll be able to:

  • recruit new sub-agents
  • list the institutions that sub-agents can refer students for
  • quickly and easily update your sub-agents
  • drag and drop the latest institution marketing material and brochures so your sub-agents can access them, and
  • work with your sub-agents on the applications they send with a super simple application management and tracking tool.

What universities, colleges and schools want to know

Most Master Agents are constantly seeking to build their business by establishing new student recruitment agreements with universities, colleges and schools around the world.

It is now quite common for educational institutions to ask potential new agents questions about their sub-agents as part of the application process. Questions like:

  • Do you use sub-agents?
  • Can you provide a list of your sub-agents?
  • How do you ensure that your sub-agents have up-to-date information about our institution?
  • How do you ensure that your sub-agents comply with agreed service levels and/or legal and professional standards?

Here’s a real life example from the agent application form of the Southern Cross Education Institute in Australia.

master agent



Our sub-agent management solution enables Master Agents to provide their sub-agents with all the information they need, and that education institutions will expect them to have.

It makes winning new clients easier because when you are asked about how you work with sub-agents you will be able to explain that you have a dedicated sub-agent management system in place.

Find out more…

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