In Canada, changes to regulations that took effect on 31 December will require nearly all international students coming in to the county to provide a photo and fingerprints. 

The requirements have applied to international students arriving from Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 31 July 2018. The recent changes extend the same rules to international students arriving from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The new rules do not apply to international students who are already enrolled in a Canadian institution, who are applying to renew or extend their student permit from inside Canada.

The fingerprint process will become an important part of the application process. Digital fingerprints will be sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who check the prints against criminal,and other records. 

If there are no issues of concern, the student’s application will go ahead.

If there is a problem, Canadian immigration officials will assess the case and decide on whether the application is approved or not.


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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash