A group of international students living in Brisbane got a shock when one of them discovered a large snake in the toilet.

They called snake catcher, Janne Torkkola, from Brisbane snake removal business Snakeout, for help.

Janne turned up and quickly assured the students that there was nothing to worry about. “It is not venomous. It is a carpet python.” he said.

Not venomous…great. But these things are also known to eat chickens and cats whole, so you don’t want it anywhere near your bottom.

Here’s the video that Janne took of the incident:

Janne guessed that the snake probably slithered in through an open window.

Janne later said that the removal was straightforward because most of the snake’s body was exposed.  Sometimes a snake will only leave its head poking out, which results in a much more difficult capture operation.

“There’s a snake in the dunny!”

This is almost certainly not what the international student who discovered the snake said but we’re including it as a guide to the correct Aussie slang to use if you ever find yourself in the same situation (hopefully not).

You can imagine that the student back peddled out of that bathroom in record time when they laid eyes on the python.

Snake catcher Janne was very polite about it:

It was one of their first snake experiences, and it is usually a bit more confronting finding a snake like that rather than, in what we would consider, their natural environment.

What to do if you find a snake

Snakes in Australia are no laughing matter and definitely should not be messed with. The country is home to some of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Janne said that the best thing to do if you find a snake is:

  • back away
  • keep an eye on it from a safe distance
  • call a snake catcher.

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