Want to grow your education agent network?

Educational institutions and service providers that want to recruit education agents have traditionally attended education agent fairs, or launched a social media campaign.

Here's why AgentBee is a better solution...


Education Agent Fair

Social Media Campaign


    • $0 upfront investment required.
    • You only pay when it works – when you recruit agents who are enrolling students for you.
    • Big registration costs.
    • Travel costs.
    • You pay for clicks or conversions.
    • No guaranteed outcome.


    • Little time required.
    • AgentBee does the set up for you.
    • Time out of the office to attend.
    • Time required to set up the campaign yourself or work with consultants if outsourcing.


    • Agent EOIs received and managed in an easy-to-use visual work board.
    • Manage the EOI assessment process efficiently in one place.
    • Post-fair follow up with agents has to be managed over email.
    • Follow up with agent leads usually managed by email via an online response form or CRM.


    • You only pay when it works.
    • Zero cost if it doesn’t.

I'm interested
    • No guarantee of how many agent partnerships you will form from each fair.
    • No guarantee of how many agent partnerships you will get from each social media campaign.