I recently posted on the visa fraud in New Zealand involving Indian education agents.

Indian paper, the Deccan Chronicle is now reporting that Immigration New Zealand has confirmed that eight education agents were allegedly involved in the visa fraud:

  1. Kiwi Overseas Services – website down for ‘maintenance’ but still active on Facebook
  2. Sunrise Overseas Educational Consultants – website down.
  3. IVY Overseas – website up but content appears to have been removed? Still active on Facebook.
  4. FIFO Overseas – we can’t be sure about the web address for this agent.
  5. Leaf Educational Services – website down. Facebook page has not been updated for some time.
  6. AR Overseas Consultants  – website down.
  7. Storm Group – website up
  8. V & U Intellect Consultants – website up.

If one or more of these agents acts for your institution you should consider getting in touch with them to obtain more information on the allegations.


Agent Performance Monitoring

If you are working with agents it is important to manage the risks.  A dishonest agent can do significant damage to your brand and reputation.

Regular agent performance monitoring is an important element of proactive risk management for in-house recruitment teams. The catch is that regular monitoring is time consuming and resource intensive.

AgentBee solves that problem. It’s a complete cloud-based agent management system designed for in-house recruitment teams that:

  • Manages risk – by giving you tools to protect your brand and reputation by monitoring agent engagement and performance.
  • Increases enrollments through your agent channel – by making it easy for you to engage with agents regularly and give them easy access to the information and resources they need to recruit for you
  • Saves time for in-house recruitment teams – by making it easy to do the daily tasks involved with managing your agent network – eg updates, training, and performance monitoring.

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