Indian education agents and immigration advisers are getting death threats according to Munish Sekhri, the vice-president of the national industry body, Licensed Immigration Advisers for New Zealand in India (LIANZ).

It’s due to the long delays experienced by students and others who are seeking a visa to New Zealand. The delays are a big problem for Indian education agents and immigration advisers who are taking the brunt of frustrated and unhappy clients.

Licensed advisers pay fees in New Zealand and undertake training and ongoing professional development to practice in India.

Mr Sekhri said:

INZ has failed to respond to status check emails sent to them by the LIAs on behalf of the paying clients.

INZ has no client-facing arrangements, hence, LIAs are the ones who are being harassed by the clients and their families, due to the apathy of INZ.

Mr Sekhri also claimed that INZ staff in Mumbai had requestedthat education agents and immigration advisers not send status checks or reminder emails because INZ needs to concentrate on the visa backlog.

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash