Go Study Australia recently opened a new office at world famous Bondi Beach.

Check out their impressive launch video.

Bondi Beach is a magnet for international students and travellers who want to experience the iconic beach, plus the cafe culture and nightlife.

The new office is located at 249 Bondi Road, above the famous UpSouth Cafe which features cool art on the outside of the building. The team in Go Study’s Bondi office will help international students in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney find success in Australia. 

Bondi Beach

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Go Study is seeking education agent partners around the world who want to work with them to enrol international students in leading universities and colleges in Australia.

Go Study represents over 300 top Australian universities and colleges.

With a staff of over 70 people and 12 offices in Australia, Europe and South America,Go Study is the largest and most authoritative international agency in Australia.

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Images:  Martyna Bober on Unsplash; Go Study