Meet Varun Gupta, Director , Globus Overseas Consulting.

Globus Overseas Consulting is a highly regarded education agency based in India. With a head office in Chandigarh, Globus also has offices in Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

Canada focus

Globus offers a full range of study abroad services to students, with a particular focus on Canada. The Globus team are experts in the Canada market, and Globus represents over 80 top Canadian universities and vocational colleges – see the full list at the bottom of this post.

What do students say?

When you consider partnering with another education agent, you want to be sure that they are reputable and professional. Globus has strong reviews from students on Google and Facebook.

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What is Globus looking for in new education agent partners?

Globus works in the best interests of clients and students and expects their representatives to work in the same way. Globus is committed to providing straight forward, clear and transparent advice and services to clients and partner agents must adhere to the same high standards.

Globus uses the AgentBee platform to work with its agent partners. Agents can log in to the Globus partner portal to:

  • get regular updates
  • get information on the educational institutions that Globus represents
  • refer students to Globus for placement
  • manage the student enrollment process with Globus, and
  • receive commission on enrolled students.

Apply to work with Globus Overseas Consulting

Agents who work with Globus Overseas Consulting can recruit students for the following institutions: