Earlier this week, Australian media reported that police have charged Melbourne businessman Frank Hu with drugging and repeatedly raping a young woman in his CBD office.

It is thought that the woman may have been lured to the office by the offer of a job. A job vacancy ad on an Australian-Chinese classified website sought a female office assistant aged ’19-25′. 

Hu was reportedly charged with:

  • 13 counts of rape
  • one count of conduct endangering life, and
  • one count of introducing a drug into the body of another.

He is being held in custody and will next appear before the court on 6 December.

The police investigation followed a call to paramedics to attend a CBD office tower to help the young woman who was unconscious.

Frank Hu reportedly manages a group of migration, travel and education agencies called the Lakenest Group. One of the businesses in the group was education agency Visa Station. It seems that Visa Station was sometimes also known as Visa Station Australia, and Visa Station Australasia.

Important: Visa Station Australia should not be confused with other businesses with similar names, including:

The websites for both the Lakenest Group and Visa Station are no longer active. The Lakenest website advises that it ceased trading on 1 August 2019.

Screenshot from the Lakenest website on 8 August 2019

Visa Station’s Facebook page remained up (as of 8/8/19). A post from 2017 carries the line: “Visa Station – Your Pathway to Australian Education ….. “

An earlier post from 20 September 2016 explains that the Lakenest Group comprises different departments:

  • Visa Station – education agency
  • Lakenest Migration – migration services
  • Travolux – tourism
  • Infinity Capital – investment and business visas.

Visa Station’s profile on the QEAC website explains that it provides a range of services, including enrolling overseas and domestic students into educational institutions in Australia.

Screenshot from the Pier/QEAC website on 8/8/19

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Source: The Age