Farvision Education Group operates online and in-class schools in Canada, including:

  • Toronto High School
  • Toronto eSchool
  • Toronto Art School

Founded 26 years ago by a group of renowned educators, Farvision Education Group has assembled the most distinguished faculty and experienced management team in North America. The group manages educational institutions including colleges and high schools, providing access to high school diplomas, college and university diplomas and degrees.

Their programs focus on animation and gaming, architectural, mechanical and electrical vocational skills training, and English language training.

Online Open House for Education Agents

On 16 May 2021, Farvision will hold an online open house, which will offer education agents the chance to tour their new campus and meet the principals, teachers, students.

Here’s Shivu Ishwaran, General Manager of Farvision Education Group, with some information about the open house:

Education Agents – work with Farvision Education Group

Farvision Education Group is actively seeking new education agent partners to recruit international students for its high schools in Canada.