Many aspiring international engineering students dream of attending an engineering school in the US. The high cost of tuition is a problem for many. The good news is that engineering student scholarships can cover some or all of your tuition costs. Landing one could mean that you can turn your dream into a reality.

If you want to research engineering student scholarships in the USA, and try to win one, here’s our 3 step guide on how to go about it.

1. Search for engineering student scholarships based on your major.

A great way to find scholarships is to search based on the engineering major you want to study. For example if your focus is electrical engineering, google “electrical engineering international student scholarships”.

2. Check the scholarships offered by the schools you want to attend.

If you have engineering schools in mind, check out their websites and use the search function to look for engineering student scholarships.

For example, top US engineering school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offers a range of scholarships, including for international students. About 30 percent of undergraduate students who attended MIT in 2017-18 were receiving financial aid from MIT. You can find out more at MIT Scholarship.

3. Look for scholarships offered by professional organisations.

There are lots of engineers in the world, and plenty of engineering professional associations that are looking to give future colleagues a helping hand by offering engineering student scholarships. For example:

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

AEE offers scholarships for international students seeking to study graduate and undergraduate degrees.

The Society of Biomaterials

The Society of Biomaterials offers the C. William Hall Scholarship to students seeking to study biomedical engineering.

There are many others. To find them, identify the engineering professional associations that cover your chosen field of engineering study and search their website for scholarship opportunities.

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