Education New Zealand will soon launch a new online portal especially for education agents called AgentLab. According to the ENZ website the new portal is in the ‘final phases of testing’ and should be launched in late July 2019.

How will the new portal help education agents?

ENZ says that AgentLab will be “your go-to place for promoting New Zealand education.” It will be packed full of features including interactive courses, updates, webinars, and the latest news to help you promote New Zealand as a great study destination.

The main benefits for agents will be:

• Fun and easy learning – interactive courses. covering New Zealand’s education system, immigration requirements and more.

• Stay up to date – get regular updates and news about New Zealand education.

• Personalised information – You’ll get messages and updates from AgentLab that are relevant to you and your market.

• Connect with the NZ education industry – talk to industry experts through our live webinars.

Until the new portal is launched, ENZ says that agents can access the existing BrandLab to download marketing collateral on NZ.

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