An education master agent is an education agent that works with other education agents (sometimes called ‘sub-agents’) to recruit students for the master agent’s educational institution clients.

The business model works like this:

  • The master agent has agency agreements in place with a number of educational institutions.
  • The master agent wants to provide more international students to its client institutions.
  • To get more students, the master agent establishes relationships with sub-agents who want to be able to refer students for enrolment at the institutions that the master agent represents.
  • The sub-agents refer students to the master agent for enrolment.
  • If a referred student is successfully enrolled the master agent splits the commission with the sub-agent.

It is a simple model, and if it is executed well it can power your education agency business to the next level.

How can I become a Master Agent?

Successful implementation of a master agent business model involves four main elements.

1. A strong client list

You’ll need to have a strong list of reputable educational institutions that you represent directly (i.e. you have agency agreements or contracts in place with them).

Sub-agents want options for their students. Your client list, and the prospect of offering their students those options, is what will attract their interest.

2. Recruitment of education agent partners (sub-agents)

Ok so you have decided that you want to grow your business using a master agent strategy, and you have a strong client list to work with.

Next you need to find sub-agents. But how?

You could post on Linkedin or Facebook asking for interested sub-agents to contact you. Many new master agents take that approach and you’ll often see posts like that on the main social media platforms.

Recruiting sub-agents through social media can work. Often posts seeking sub-agents get lots of responses.

The problem is that using social media posts to fish for potential sub-agents is not efficient or scalable.

How often are you going to post seeking sub-agents? Every month? Every week? How much time does each post take?

How will you actually receive, assess and manage expressions of interest from potential sub-agents?

It sounds odd but your biggest problem might be getting lots of responses on your social media post. You will have to individually email each lead with information on whatever you decide the next steps are. That will take a lot of time.

The AgentBee solution…

AgentBee makes it easy for you to recruit sub-agents. Our solution will support you to:

  1. Consistently attract quality sub-agents.
  2. Receive and assess applications from potential sub-agents in a secure portal where you can easily and efficiently manage the agent recruitment process from beginning to end.

Click here to find out more and get in touch to discuss how AgentBee can help you become a successful education master agent.

3. Communicating with and supporting your sub-agents.

Ok, let’s say you have signed up some high quality sub-agents. Now what?

It is critical that you give them the support and information they will need to succeed.

You’ll need to communicate regualrly with your agent partners to keep them focussed on referring students to you, and also to ensure that they have the latest information on your educational institution clients.

Can you do that using email? Yes you can.

Will using email be effective? No it won’t.

Think about your own email inbox. How many emails do you receive each day? How easy is it to find information you received in an email a week or a month ago?

Hold that thought and consider how challenging it will be for you to use email to update your sub-agents regularly on your list of client institutions. Even if you send the best emails ever, your agent partners almost certainly will not be able to find information quickly when they need it.

If you want to succeed as a master agent it is important that you have a dedicated online portal where you maintain and organise information on your client institutions for your sub-agents so that it is easy for them to log in and find it when they need it.

The AgentBee solution…

AgentBee provides a secure portal solution to support your master agent business model.

The portal can only be accessed by you and your approved sub-agent partners.

You can list the institutions you represent plus inlcude key information and documents on each one. Any time you make an update it will automatically be notified by email to your partner agents who can then log in and check it out.

Click here to find out more and get in touch to discuss how AgentBee can help you become a successful education master agent.

4. An efficient system to manage student enrolments referred from your agents.

The whole point of implementing an education master agent business model is to grow your business by working with sub-agent partners to enrol more international students at your client institutions.

Let’s now say you have done the hard work to recruit sub-agent partners and you’ve set up an AgentBee portal to support them with all the information they’ll need. You now deserve a return on that investment in the form of increased student referrals from your sub-agents which you can manage through to enrolment.

The best way to make that happen is to make it super easy for your sub-agents to refer students to you, and also to work with you to manage each application through to successful enrolment.

The AgentBee solution…

Our secure portal solution includes an application agent management tool.

Your sub-agents can refer students to you and the enrolment process can be managed on the AgentBee platform.

Click here to find out more and get in touch to discuss how AgentBee can help you become a successful education master agent.

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Photo by cihan soysakal on Unsplash