Alert Summary

Earlier this year a consumer complaints commission in India ordered an education agent to pay a student compensation due to poor service in a failed attempt to assist the student gain admission to an educational institution in Germany.

The agency’s website claims that it can assist students to gain admission to over 700 educational institutions in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and Sweden. This suggests that the agency is working with an aggregator or master agent.

Our team discovered the connection as part of the market research that supports our education agent background checking solution. Full details of the case, including the name of the education agency and accompanying analysis are included in our secure database.

Do you have good visibility of your agents?

Do you have visibility of your education agents and how your brand is being used and represented in overseas markets?

Does the agency mentioned above represent your institution or is it a sub-agent of an aggregator you are working with?

Unprofessional or dishonest agents can cause huge harm to students and their families, and damage your institution’s reputation.

Manage education agent risk – protect your students and institution

Our education agent background checking solution contains hundreds of reports on education agent conduct and performance from all over the world.

Educational institutions can use it to:

  • do due diligence on education agents – check new agents before agreeing to work with them, and run regular checks on current agents.
  • protect your brand – search on your institution’s name to detect cases of unauthorised agents using your institution’s name, logo or other IP without permission.

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