Australian education agent Mauricio Pucci has opened his farm house to 20 desperate international students. He is providing the property rent free with food included to international students facing extreme hardship.

The students lost their jobs, incomes and homes when corona virus hit. Many worked in the hospitality and retail sectors that were devastated by strict social distancing controls.

For many of the students the ‘bank of Mum and Dad’ is no longer a fall back option for extra funds, as the corona virus smashes the economy in their home countries.

Mr Pucci is a co-founder of Sydney based education agency, Information Planet, and cloud based booking platform, Education HiFy.

In an early April interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Pucci said:

Oh brother, it’s heartbreaking. The situation is just starting. But in the next four to eight weeks it is going to be really terrible. We are talking about thousands and thousands of [students].”

Before the virus hit Brazilians Camila Cadore, 27, and Arlan Germano, 25, were studying English in Sydney and working in cafes. That’s now changed and they are out of jobs and money. They have made their way to Mr Pucci’s farm house north of Sydney to ride out the crisis.

They know they are lucky. The farm is peaceful and in a beautiful setting (see the Airbnb shots below). Thousands of other desperate international students won’t get the same break.

Mr Pucci’s farm north of Sydney

Source: SMH