Three Congolese students in who dreamed of studying in the US claim that that education agent Patrice Ognogo of The Neighbourhood Good Samaritan Center ripped them off for thousands of dollars meant for their tuition.

The women – who were aiming to study in North Carolina – said that Ognodo promised to sponsor them so that they could pay in-state tuition, rather than the higher international student tuition fees. At least one of the women intended to study at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC).

In North Carolina community colleges allow nonprofits to sponsor students, enabling them to pay in-state tuition.

The women paid Ognodo thousands intended for their tuition, but he passed on a fraction to the educational institutions. The women discovered the scam when they could not register for classes.

They tried to contact Ognodo unsuccessfully. They suspect he returned to Africa.

The Congolese students are attempting to sue Ognodo for the money they are owed. They also made a complaint to police.

A representative of CPCC said that, as of late 2018, the Neighborhood Good Samaritan Center was not sponsoring students but sponsored nine students since the spring of 2015.

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Source: WSOCTV